Floppy and the Sleepy Planet is a proud EPIC MegaGrants recipient
Discover the Mysteries of a Forgotten Planet
Enter our Heroes!

After generations of rest, Floppy the robo bunny & his companion Kara wake up to find the Sleepy Planet in despair. The ancient Guardians that once helped maintain their flourishing planet have let their minds wander and forgot their responsibilities.


Now it’s up to you to explore the ruins, recover your lost memories, and bring the Sleepy Planet back to its former beauty.

Solve engaging
puzzles & challenges

Collect hidden relics to discover lost secrets and memories as you hop, float and burrow through beautiful and strange worlds. 


All with a nonviolent approach!

Jump through Mysterious Worlds

Every new area you’ll discover is beautifully unique and mysterious, filled with new characters and histories of an ancient technologically advanced race forgotten by time.

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